About Us

About Us


Wellness is an expression used as an all-encompassing term to cover not only physical and mental well-being but also healthy social relationships. Wellness includes physical fitness, nutrition movement, mental abilities and knowledge as well as spiritual aspects such as social harmony and security.

The main focus with Wellness is the overall improvement of quality of life, with particular emphasis on relaxation, inner peace and individual equilibrium.

The Align Wellness Group is a gathering of practitioners, formed in celebration of both life and wellness and in the memory of it. We celebrate life by providing Park City access to some of the best alternative wellness and health care in town. We celebrate life in honoring the memory of people who may have physically left this earth, but whose spirits remain unconquered, as the lessons they taught in their lives were and always will be timeless. The result is a dynamic environment where you can have all your wellness needs met, come to meet others with similar interests and or just come enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with some cool folks. Either way, welcome to the Align Wellness Group. We will take great care of you.

Inspirations for the Align Wellness Vision
John Provines
Race Price