Energy Rebalancing


An energy rebalancing session with Adam is an incredible experience that is completely unique for every single person.  He listens to your state of being to respond with exactly what your body needs in the moment.  His work is a combination of multiple techniques, including:

– Chakra clearing
– Light/Color therapy
– Crystal healing
– Johrei
– Vibrational healing
– Meditation
– Shamanic healing
– Quantum physics

$65/session, length is an hour-ish (plus 5-20 minutes)

During an hour long-ish session you are seated in a chair, fully clothed and there is no physical contact.  Adam will talk before the session and afterwards to help process and understand your experience.

Sensations and feelings may include, but are not limited to:

– clarity of thought
– deep relaxation
– vibrant visions, potentially regarding self, significant others, important decisions
– intuitive messages
– feelings of peace akin to years of therapy and release in one session
– unease; discomfort, as one may be confronted with dark parts of the self, repressed memories, and emotional scars

If you are ready for a change, Adam can help you be yourself fully and grow in a direction that follows your highest excitements and passions.

**Adam lives in Costa Rica and has limited availability during his visit**

Current Availibility (dates are subject to change)

January 19 – February 6
June ish (dates coming soon)
August ish (dates coming soon)